Children Left Home Alone For 4 Days In TV Experiment 2


A new reality show in the UK conducted an experiment to see just how kids and teens would behave after being left home alone for the weekend. The show, called Alone at Home, recruited four families to participate in the experiment. Each couple left their children home alone for four days and cameras were placed all throughout the home to keep watch on the kids.


Four couples participated in a risky experiment that saw them leaving their kids home alone for four days. The experiment is meant to see how the kids would react with their four days of freedom.


The kids are between the ages of eight and 16, and all reacted differently to their newfound freedom. The eldest teen from one family ended up taking advantage of her parents’ liquor cabinet, while other kids feasted on sweets.


"There was no-one to say: “No, you can’t do this”, just me. I make my own rules,” said Millie, the 16-year-old daughter of Natalie and Dan. She was left home alone along with siblings 14-year-old Ethan and 13-year-old Laurel.